J. Avery Theodore Daisey


I am a self taught trans // queer tattooer.
I am from the Southern Carolina, deep trash dirt, deeply soured. I believe living' down here the salt just pickled us. Hard crusts fer those hard stares.
Mama always told me just "grit yer teeth when you smile."

Fer me, tattoos are a way we can start communicatin' with the bodes that have betrayed us.
Negotiating with.
Broadcast through.
[whatever reason we have]

My work comes from a space of yearning' for a "nother" space.
Mutate - Eat yer Selfs - Regurgitate - Unbecome.

I am inspired by fermentations, wild things/creatures, spit, mud, the south, ooooze, dirt/gettin' dirty, human interaction, slippage, the mood, misunderstanding, gravy.

Ayden Love


Ayden is a Southern Femme Brat with half her chart in Leo. They were born and raised drinking Pepsi out of a baby bottle in the swamps of rural NC. Having been brought up by Pentecostals, she developed a strong appreciation for ecstatic ritual magic and esoteric symbolism. Now they craft ritual through lines on paper and skin. She learned to value good line quality from the pine trees, color blending from the marsh grass and divine mysteries from the live oaks. 


Ayden loves working with clients to create magical talismans that hold and protect them as they move through this world. They love simple linework, botanical details, anything that mimics printmaking, and  rendering queer bodies as heavenly deities. She has a deep reverence for the creative process and trust that emerges while collaborating with clients on pieces that help them feel more embodied.


When they aren’t tattooing they’re probably thinking about tattooing, spooning with their dog, kitchen topping the grits situation, or riding their motorcycle.


Terin J.D


I'm Terin J.D. and I love tattooing. I specialize in tattooing Black + Brown skin, fine line, tradition, black + grey and more. To me, the best tattooing is a collaboration between the artist and the client.

I pride myself in tattooing all boding, and I love tattooing color on Brown skin. I'm working and living in Durham, NC + Bloomington, IN. I'm looking forward to finding community outside of Indiana.

I've tattooed for 6 years now and feel comfortable in my craft. Tattoos that flow well on the body are my favorite. It's also my favorite feeling to see when a client looks in the mirror at a piece I've helped create; and smiles.

Message me on my instagram (@imfromindiana) if you want to book a consultations or an appointment. I'm looking forward to any great tattoo ideas!

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